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Wussywat Irdy Bird


• WUSSYWAT IRDY BIRDWe're proud to bring you the second official app of the hugely popular Wussywat the Clumsy Cat animated TV series as seen on CBeebies.
It's an app for you and your family to play and enjoy over and over again, starring Ird the Bird, Wussywat the Clumsy cat and his friends Duckadile and Ortus.
Little learners will love the simple, rewarding gameplay. Wussywat Irdy Birdy is an immediate pick-up-and-play game to play for fun or pass the time and is great for car journeys.
+ Help Ird fly as far as possible across the garden+ Collect stars as you fly + Watch out for floaty items like balloons, paper planes.+ Don't fly too low or you'll flop into the leaves + Wussywat and Duckadile will chase you along to offer support.+ If you're really good at flying you can cut the rope on the balloons as you fly through to make the balloon fly away.
Each time you play the garden layout is subtly different to offer as much fun and variety to children to enjoy.
• FEATURESBeautiful illustrations by Jo Kiddie, exciting fun animation, and original music make this a preschool learning app at its best.
Narrated by presenter Liza Tarbuck and Wussywat voiced by comedian and actress Morwenna Banks ('Peppa Pig', 'Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom').
Created by Playerthree
Designed for children ages 5 and under, but adults will love it, too.
No in-app purchases and a parental lock to make sure little fingers don’t wander too far means parents can have peace of mind whilst little ones enjoy a very special playtime, learning along with Wussywat as he explores the garden.
The app’s dedicated Parent's section safely locks away any links out from the app where you can find out more about Wussywat.
There is a promotional tab to other Wussywat apps (but not third parties), also protected by a parental gate.
Wussywat is the hit new children's animated series for pre-school audience as featured on TV channels around the world. Wussywat the Clumsy Cat follows the slapstick antics of a clever, curious, cat who discovers new and interesting things through his innocent, uncoordinated clumsiness.
Each of Wussywat's discoveries are made as a result of his clumsy have-a-go attitude, drawing closely from the observed experiences of a pre-schooler's own first formative steps in a new and exciting world.
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No Sound in the App? We have investigated thoroughly with our supported devices and there are no technical sound issues with the Wussywat Irdy Bird app. Please do check that the in-game mute button in the top right hand corner hasn’t accidentally been activated by your little one. Alternatively some devices use the 'side switch' to either lock the screen orientation or override the volume controls to set to mute. Please check this side switch on your device as this may be the solution for a few unintentional sound issues.
Wussywat Indy Bird does not collect any personally identifiable information from you or your child.
The device uses performance cookies for internal purposes to help us to improve the app. For information about our Privacy and Cookies Policy, see
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Wussywat Irdy Bird is an officially licensed product
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